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CATT - Conservation Awareness Team Trust

Over a debate of ecology versus economy, we often forget that both the words originate from the Greek term Oikos, meaning home. The relationship between ecology (study of our home environment) and economy (household resource management) is way more complex and inter-related than it seems to be, making it pivotal to draw a parallel between the two in order to reach at a sustainable future. We at The Conservation Awareness Team (CATT), do not consider nature and forests to be commodities that can be bought or sold and then converted to a tourist package, but as a sphere of life intertwining us with the wild.


CATT is a group of believers, who believes in the greater role the society as a whole and the community as one can play to bring about a much needed difference in this broken and often distributed populace of ours for the greater good of our nation's majestic forests. It all started off with a small group of professionals coming together to share their common love for the wild which led to the inception of the Conservation Awareness Team Trust (CATT) as a not for profit organization.

We at CATT, believe that, even though multinational organizations exist for the conservation of wildlife, local players are crucial and must be predominant to bring about grass root level changes with the help of the community. CATT intends to be the voice of the jungle and preserve life within the forest the way it's meant to be. The sole purpose of existence of CATT is to create a safe haven for the wild.

CATT is a platform for action.

We are determined to work at every level - from grass-root to administration, to identify specific problems faced by our natural environs, and actually implement, re-assess and refine the solutions. There are many more like us, who want to do their bit and make our home a more beautiful place to live. CATT invites all such like-minded people to join hands and try to create a better planet.

Together, we will make a difference. The time is NOW! Everyone must act. Or it might be too late.